Viva la Rummy

* It's been decided that Obama is gaffe-prone, so let the constant affirmations roll out. [Wizbang Politics]

* It's date season in Iraq and the bullets and shrapnel just provide a bit of an extra challenge while shimmying up the tree. [Iraq Slogger]

* Mexicans are the deadliest force on the planet. [Carpetbagger Report]

* Hillary says Karl Rove is hard at work for Barry Obama, which, you know, is wacky. [ElectioN Central]

* Rumsfeld has way better judgment than George W. Bush, which is terrifying. [TPM]

* John Gibson may has a highly realistic view of the world. [Think Progress]

* Term limits are bad because people have the right to elect whoever they want over and over and over again, unless that person is Hugo Chavez, in which case, they shouldn't be aloud to vote in the first place. [Redstate]


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