Vote, Cheeseheads, Vote

* "This is the Lent of baseball. We wait in patient hope for the return of the game that brings us summertime joy and no shortage of rollercoaster moments." [Metroblogging DC]

* "So put down your cheese hats and irrational love for the Packers and listen up. You have a primary today." [Arjewtino]

* "In case you weren't already convinced that the one-man crusade against Silver Spring's Discovery Channel, which also produced a series of ads promoting the protest in the print edition of Express, was more than a little light on widespread support, take a look at the photo above." [DCist]

* "So here we go, with the District, as always, playing gameboard for right-wing and neo-liberal dreams of private contractor utopias, where we can privatize all services because someone in economics 101 talked about competition and free markets." [Countersignature]

* "As long as it isn't Baja Fresh. I hate Baja Fresh. You made me hate it." [Eavesdrop DC]


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