Click to participate in Democracy!Oh look, now you can click this computer graphic of a computer, and then, magically, you can vote for your Wonkette, so we can post a different computer graphic of a computer, but this time designating your Wonkette as the whatever-of-the-year -- this time around, we are nominated for "Prettiest Libtard Blog." We are being MURDERED by Crooks & Liars some blog we have literally never heard of, called "Confluence," right now. Please put a stop to this outrage.

UPDATE: Thanks, friends! We are now collectively crushing everyone else, to prevent Global Warming. Please keep it up, once a day, etc. We must get our economy back on track!

UPDATE II: It has come to our attention that our own COMICS CURMUDGEON, Joss Fluehonker, is having a Mexican Death Match with myriad other so-called humor blogs. DO NOT BE DECEIVED, by these interlopers. Go now and vote for him, this guy, who writes "the funnies about the funnies." (You can pay me for that hot new slogan later, JOSH.)

2008 Weblog Awards


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