Vote Sex Trade: What Could Go Wrong

Yesterday we expressed some doubt as to the efficacy of the "Fuck the Vote" strategy, in which liberal hotties attempt to sexmail conservatives into voting against the GOP ticket. "No Bush or no bush." (Or "Dump Dick to get dick," we won't make assumptions.) We thought the problem was trusting Republicans to follow through on a promise made solely to get some ass. (It's hard enough to get them to buy you shoes.) But according to this comment on Craigsblog, the weak link in the daisy chain might not be on the Republican side at all:

I went to one of those Kerry meetup events, just to see what it was all about. There was a pretty young thing there handing out bumper stickers, but I declined, admitting I was a Republican. She got a funny look on her face, then asked if I wanted to go for drinks after. This time I didn't decline.

At the bar, she kept touching my arm as we spoke, gazing at me from under her dark lashes, until she asked if I wanted to drive her home.

One thing led to another. I suppose you could call it a bipartisan event.

As I was getting dressed after, I noticed a flyer next to her printer, something about seducing Republicans in swing states. I guess she figured since we have so many swingers here in Marin, we must be a swing state.

If she was expecting me to become a Democrat... she got screwed.

Not that the sex-for-votes gimmick itself would work anyway, but someone has just a little too much faith in the healing power of her pussy, no? At least try to get him to sign the pledge, girlfriend! Sigh. No wonder they lost the House.

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