W Throws Like a Girl

limp wristed

Don't ask, don't tell him how to toss a football.

Bush at Browns Camp [Fox Sports]


Bush Steps Out [Wonkette]

UPDATE: Does W really throw like a girl? Does it matter that Kerry catches like a girl, or does that just mean they're more compatible than you'd think?

The question of whether Bush actually throws like a girl has generated some debate. The arguments fall into three categories:

1) He does not throw like a girl, the limp wrist he has in this picture actually proves he has good form.

2) He may throw like a girl, but John Kerry is even more like a girl.


3) He's standing next to someone who lisps.

That last one isn't much of an argument, but we like it. We're also willing to concede that the president doesn't really throw like a girl. But late at night, in private, he likes to dress like one.

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