Wag the Dog: Special Holiday Edition

beazleyxmas.jpgWho do you get when you can't get Tom Arnold to star in your yuletide heartwarmer? Judging by "A Very Beazley Christmas," the White House's new 10-minute holiday epic, Department of Treasury Secretary John Snow and Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns. Yeah, we never heard of them either -- this thing is going straight to video. (Johanns does deliver a surprisingly intense and earnest performance, though.) Also:

1. How soon until Henry Waxman launches an investigation into how much this lavish, multi-set production with a cast of dozens cost American taxpayers?

2. Why does a mysterious black cat (i.e. traditional symbol of Satan) get a prominent cameo when there's no mention at all of Baby Jesus? President Bush can't even bring himself to mention the word "Christmas." Instead, he scolds Barney for not embracing "the true meaning of the holiday season." Concerned Christians of America, you have your opening.

3. George Stephanopoulos, you look way too happy to be in this thing.

A Very Beazley Christmas [White House]


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