Wait For It ... Thinking Is Making A Comeback

  • Tuesday, August 25: What's so wrong with people storming town halls with overtly racist propaganda and the world falling apart before our eyes? The Center for American Progress is a little peeved at this and may or may not be advocating for conservatives to start gulping "poison" (their words, not ours), so that we can get this world back in order. They're so dramatic. Enjoy their discussion about the end of the culture wars on Tuesday at noon. [Center for American Progress]

  • Thursday, August 27: Afghanistan had an election last week. A few people showed up and voted, major crises and chaos have more or less ensued, but since it hasn't really reached twitter-pocalypse proportions, we're not worried AT ALL. But the folks over at the Heritage Foundation think the election may be worthy of discussion, and are hosting an event about it and what it means for the future of Afghanistan. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Thursday, August 27: Oh boy! Everyone's favorite conservative, Ronald Reagan, is yet again the topic of discussion at an event. But this time, we get Reagan unplugged and unlimited. The Cato Institute is going all out and reviewing a book that is a complete narrative history of this man from 1980-1989. We're sure it's going to be super informative, and that somewhere in the lecture will be the answers to every problem mankind has ever faced or will face. [Cato Institute]
  • Friday, August 28:¬†CSIS is hosting a discussion about Sri Lanka's quest for "sustainable peace." Exactly what other kind of peace are people looking for? The fleeting kind? From now on, we only want peace that comes with a bow and can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of its original purchase. [CSIS]

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