Wait, What? Bill Richardson's Comedy Campaign Commercials

This is one of the strangest things we've ever seen.

Is it good? Bad? We can't tell! We mean, yes, it's good -- it's pretty good TV comedy: Richardson as the lovable sad-sack who can't get a job (as president) because he's over-qualified (or Mexican), that's a fairly hilarious sitcom bit. And then there's the wacky Mexican music at the end ....

Does this doom Richardson's "tortoise and the hare" campaign strategy of being the only electable person still in the race come January? Was that even a strategy or did we just make that up, too? Why do we have this queasy "whoops I woke up on the wrong planet" feeling, again?

One thing is certain: There has never been a presidential campaign ad anything like this one. Every single campaign director and political reporter and media specialist and pollster is currently slumped in their chair, slack-jawed, wondering what it all means. Thank you, Bill Richardson. Thank you for whatever weird path you've just put the nation on. It will end in disaster -- terrible disaster, for everyone -- but it had to happen. It was our destiny.

Watch our new ads [Bill Richardson For President]


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