Waitress Fired For Hillary Sign At McCain Event?

Surely not!A woman who works in a restaurant at the Little Rock airport said she was fired after she held up a Hillary Clinton sign in view of John McCain's landing plane. Micah Qualls says former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee saw her holding up the sign in the parking lot and complained to her boss, who promptly canned her. But Mike Huckabee and her boss say no such thing happened, and this is all a terrible misunderstanding! So who's lying -- the sassy lassie who starred in a local theater production of "Anything Goes," or the devout governor whose covenant wedding Qualls protested three years ago?

Ah, who cares! The point is, this tangled web has ensnared one diligent reporter for the Arkansas Times, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and various airport restaurant authorities. Every single literate resident of Arkansas has commented on this very important incident at the bottom of this blog post, so read it if you want to read about how Hillary Clinton is a lousy tipper, and freespeech freespeech, habeas corpus, and some other cafe that might employ Ms. Qualls now. Also there is an exciting late-night phone call from Mike Huckabee himself, admitting to nothing!

A lonely dissent -- YES! MORE UPDATES [Arkansas Blog]


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