Wal-Mart Loves Springsteen's Fudge Tunnel of Love

springsteen.jpgStarbucks won't stock Bruce Springsteen's new album, because the track "Reno" contains explicit references to making more than $8 an hour. Also, the main character's an ass whore who charges "two hundred dollars straight in" and a $50 premium to drive down her backstreets. Apparently, these lyrics erode the sanctity of coffee-drinking, but if you need to get your hands on "Reno" today, WalMart.com is carrying it, at least until it realizes the song erodes the sanctity of online shopping. Until that happens, you can enjoy the Boss sing about ass-fucking for free. The sample clip for "Reno" features the controversial lyric. Hurry, though. This one may not last.

Not Their Cup of Tea [Newsweek]

Reno [WalMart]


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