Black People, Please Run Away From The Stupid, Fake #WalkAway Campaign

Black People, Please Run Away From The Stupid, Fake #WalkAway Campaign

Russia has a compelling interest these days in helping Republicans win elections, and Republicans win elections when the Democratic vote is suppressed. Republicans focus on purging voter rolls and let Russian bots handle the fine art of propaganda. The most recent and shameless effort is the #WalkAway viral campaign, promoting the right-wing wet dream that minorities are abandoning the Democratic Party because when Jeff Sessions is our attorney general, the true offense is Maxine Waters's lack of "civility."

#WalkAway, the hashtag, went viral [in July] as something of a delayed reaction to a popular video renouncing liberalism by Brandon Straka, who described himself to the Epoch Times as a New York hairdresser and aspiring actor. The video, posted in late May, now has more than 1 million views on Facebook. In it, Straka says he was once a liberal, but now he is not.

"If you are a person of color, an LGBT person, a woman or an American immigrant, the Democratic Party wants you to know you are a victim," Straka says in the video. "This is perhaps the Democratic Party's greatest, and most insidious, lie."

Democrats also "insidiously" inform burning people that they are, in fact, on fire. So, yeah, the whole #WalkAway hashtag is a transparent scam.

Despite all the glee from the right over the possibility, there's no evidence -- not even anecdotal -- that minorities are defecting to the Republican Party. Not that the Republicans even care. They don't need black people to vote for them. They just want us to stay home, maybe go watch Black Panther again -- anything but actually voting. They also appreciate the plausible deniability that the GOP, in the Trump era, is racist. Such reality-based theories could turn off white moderates, who might work or socialize adjacent to a minority.

The #WalkAway campaign "founder" and new BFF of the right is Brandon Straka, a gay hairstylist and "former liberal." His Twitter bio states he wishes to "Red Pill humanity," because apparently Straka, along with men's rights activists, loves co-opting the intellectual property of two trans women more than he wishes to avoid irony.

Straka's crusade has attracted such noted black conservative luminaries as Candace Owens and the kid I won't name. I'm sure Diamond and Silk are involved as long as the checks clear. These folks have been walking away from the "Democratic plantation" for a long-ass while. Straka obviously needed some new faces to represent how effective his movement has been so far. Here's a recent personal testimonial.

Take the "red pill" and discover how fake this photo isShutterstock

I can't account for every anti-Trump Twitter user, of course, but no actual elected Democrat has done any of these things. And where was this nice black lady during the Obama administration when our brother was being lynched in effigy? Probably selling dish soap or wireless Internet, I guess, because as James Kosur revealed Monday in the Hill Reporter, she isn't really a former Democrat but a professional (more or less, why is she posed this way?) model.

It turns out, the fake #WalkAway campaign, launched most likely by Russian operatives, has also been creating incredibly fake #WalkAway ads. In each ad, people of various races and backgrounds are featured with a simple message about why they've left the Democratic party.

The problem with these ads? The people telling their deeply personal stories are actually models who posed for Shutterstock-featured photos.

Yeah, still fakeShutterstock

Seriously, what's with all the "deep thought" poses? Does Shutterstock recruit graduates from the Rodin School of Modeling? This ad also makes no sense even in the context of dishonest propaganda. Democrats are the ones who implemented policies to help families send their kids to college without having to sell their kidneys. Obama tried to clean up student loans, and executed some scammy for-profit colleges, which Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is making dirty again and raising from the dead, respectively. What is my fake brother's deal?

There's also some standard "divide and conquer" tactics among minorities. You have a problem with the Trump administration's immigration policies? Hey, those kiddie jails are for your benefit, slightly different brown person! It is impressive how well Russians understand American racial dynamics. Maybe they have the ghost of Lee Atwater on their payroll.

The fakest of the three, but at least he's not touching his faceShutterstock

#WalkAway clearly violated Shutterstock's terms of service, which forbids using their photos "in a political context, such as the promotion, advertisement or endorsement of any party, candidate, or elected official, or in connection with any political policy or viewpoint." (I think they also swiped the name "WalkAway" from a cool book by Cory Doctorow.)

Fortunately, this whole #WalkAway "movement" doesn't appear to have fooled any reasonably intelligent person.

Ginni Thomas falls for her own party's propaganda

I said "reasonably intelligent."

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