Walking Blues

Remember Rudy Giuliani's bravura propaganda turn at last year's GOP convention? When he delivered the plainly apocryphal tale about turning to Bernie Kerik amid the smoke and rubble of the WTC attacks and blurting, "Bernie, thank God George Bush is our president"?

Well, now the Bush administration has come up with something for those Americans who found that performance just too goddamn tasteful. It's called the America Supports You Freedom Walk, and as Donald Rumsfeld announced yesterday it's our government's official commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the September 11 massacre. It will begin at the Pentagon with a commemorative service for those killed there on September 11, and it will culminate in a Clint Black concert at the National Mall.

Wonkette HQ employees have absolutely no quarrel with an official memorial for a national tragedy. But we do take issue with planning one around a mass stroll across the Potomac and giving the thing a motivational name--clearly in line with the practice of dubbing our military options things like Urgent Fury and Operation Infinite Justice in the same self-advertising vein. And with no disrespect to Mr. Clint Black and his repertoire, we simply don't see how a couple of sets of New Country ballads, however soaring or overorchestrated they may be, are remotely appropriate to legitimate expressions of public grief. What's next, Darryl Worley as the new undersecretary of official condolence?

We find ourselves growing strangely serious, and yet more bitter. Pardon us as we adjourn to spend the next several hours cursing and sputtering ineffectually.

Is He Fucking Kidding? [Steve Gilliard]


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