Walmart: 'Work Makes You Free.' It's Prettier In The Original German.

UPDATED BELOW! Sup, Walmart? Just sellin' inspirational posters featuring the gates of Dachau and their famously inspiring motto "Arbeit Macht Frei," or "Work Makes You Free," BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Heeb reports:

When the eagle eyed reader who discovered the Concentr…er Motivation camp poster emailed customer service, she was told they “have this product in stock because there are some customer[sic] who like to buy this type of item, but this doesn’t mean [Walmart] are supporting any ideology related to this item.” [...]

Another reader has passed along their complaint to Walmart’s customer service, who assured them that “we have escalated this matter to our corporation so they can release the nazi related propaganda.”

So guys, better get your inspirational poster that's a great addition to your home or office -- IF YOU ARE AN ACTUAL NAZI -- while the gettin's good, because before you know it Walmart will have capitulated to the jackbooted liberals who hate the First Amendment, but also concentration camps, and genocide, but also Jews, probably? I mean, we hear that a lot? "Self-loathing," probably, since everyone knows Jews are responsible for communism. Man, liberals are so complex. And also mean to Walmart.

It is late, you should probably make your own "Walmart workers made free" jokes in the comments.

UPDATE! Man, it was not even two and a half hours before the very nice man from Walmart reached out to us to tell us that they understood our concerns, they are totally Sensitive, and they are not selling that third-party merchandise anymore, and everyone involved in selling that third-party merchandise is on double super secret probation banning from the third-party marketplace that is like Ebay and definitely not Walmart stuff. Which just proves our point: intolerant liberals have Ruined Free Speech once again.

[Walmart via HeebMag, via Wonket operative "Jon in St. Paul"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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