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We have told you in the past about one of Wonkette's favorite nonprofit groups that's doing good work for a good cause, the Lady Parts Justice League. It was founded by Wonkette pal Lizz Winstead ("The Daily Show"/Air America radio), and it, according to Google, is "a coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights." That is VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT these days.

Because, you see, reproductive rights were already under constant attack from the religious right, what with their terrible anti-woman hate groups and their fake bullshit "crisis pregnancy centers" -- you know, those places across the street from abortion clinics that look like abortion clinics, but then you get inside and there are no doctors, just an old lady named Barb who gives you brochures about how zygotes have feelings and ladies who have abortions cry every day until they die of breast cancer and go to hell.

Yeah, THOSE places.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the LIES from the "pro-life" side of things. So many LIES. And FUCKED UP LEGISLATION. And "PRO-LIFE" JUDGES. And EVERYTHING ELSE.

But now, under the Trump regime, they who would really like for ALL YOUR LADY PARTS ARE BELONG TO THEM have way too much power (and now, a Gorsuch!), and they are doing every damn thing they can to dismantle reproductive health access, including SAFE, LEGAL ABORTION. Want to read a long splainer on everything the Trump administration has done to destroy reproductive rights? There's a Vox for that!

The point is that these rights (RIGHTS) are under attack more than ever, and Lady Parts Justice League is a group on the ground, using HILARIOUS HUMOR and grassroots activism to get clinics the help and support they need to keep on keepin' on. They make educational videos and do comedy shows and get locals involved in doing the work to support their own clinics, a la "USO show meets Habitat for Humanity," as Winstead has described it many times.

Point of all this is that Lady Parts Justice League is having a telethon tonight, live-streaming from a top secret location in Los Angeles, and you are invited! Oh fuckin' wow, come to mention it, YOU ARE ALREADY AT THE TELETHON, because you are in this post! It is called "Life Is A Living Nightmare: A Telethon To Fix It," and look at this all-star line-up!

If you can't click to embiggen that, what you need to know is that at 9 PM ET (which is "a time" in other time zones), Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman and Rachel Bloom and Andy Richter and Amy Brenneman and Greg Proops and Mark Hamill and ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE are coming together to do a hilarious comedy telethon, and all proceeds will go to continue Lady Parts Justice League's very important work.

If you feel so led by the Lord, please give them donation dollars! (See? We don't always ask you to give us money. Not always.) In return, they will make you laugh and laugh for two hours, and then laugh some more in the middle of the night because you just woke up and remembered a gross joke Silverman told about anuses or something. Also you will have the happytimes feeling that you Did A Good Thing.

Here is your video, which again starts at 9 PM ET, so might as well stay in this post all night!

And here are the details you'll need if you want to participate in the telethon, by donating or by bidding on auction items:



FOR GIVE MONEY DIFFERENT WAY: Call in 888-681-2054 | Venmo: @LadyPartsJustice | Paypal:

And if any of that is confusing, just head over to the Lady Parts Justice League livestream page, where they have fancy-ass buttons telling you how to do all the things.

OK! Now you have your movie night plans, and also this is your OPEN THREAD.

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[Lady Parts Justice League]

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