Wanna Schlaff At Old Dead Phyllis Schlafly After You Watch 'Mrs. America' Tonight? Watch The Schlaftershow!

Hey, people who are still mostly staying at home when possible even though the whole country is opening back up like WOOOOO-EEEEEE LOOKUH MY DICK! IS THAT CORONAVIRUS IN MY PANTS OR AM I JUST HAPPY TO SEE YOU?

How are you?

And are you watching "Mrs. America," the Hulu mini-series airing on Friday nights about America's first men's rights activist Phyllis Schlafly, who even in her current state of total fucking deadness is a perennial Wonkette favorite? You know, that old crank who was Donald Trump's fourth wife? (Can't sue Wonkette for saying traditional marriage joke lie-bels, Phyllis, YOU SO DEAD.)

If you are watching the show, our pals over at the Abortion Access Force — Schlaf hated abortions! — are doing a fun exciting aftershow for you, every Friday night after the show airs. A "Schlaftershow," if you will! And you definitely will, because that is what they are literally calling it. The Abortion Access Force (AAF, or Abortion AF for short) was of course founded by "Daily Show" and Air America Radio co-creator and Wonk pal Lizz Winstead, and this is what she and her pals are doing, according to the super secret press release we obtained by checking our email:

The Schlaftershow is a "Talking Dead-esque" after-show about the Hulu/FX mini-series "Mrs. America," the story of Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion anti-ERA crusader.

Hosted by Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of The Daily Show and founder of Abortion Access Force), Moji Alawode-El (Feminist Sleeper Cell Podcast), and Molly Gaebe (Nevertheless She Existed), Phyllis: The Schlaftershow will hilariously recap each "Mrs. America" episode while also spilling the tea on the real life Phyllis, who never missed a day's work trying to keep other women barefoot and pregnant!

We know all of these people personally because we are popular, and we can tell you they are all funny as shit and so, so smart. And in tonight's Schlaftershow, they will have Melanie Lynskey, who plays Rosemary on the show, as their special guest.

Winstead and pals say the Schlaftershow is a "must-see" for KIDS THESE DAYS, especially the ones who didn't even live through the 1970s and didn't get to witness Schlafly's bullshit up close on a regular basis. Let them teach YOU how Schlafly's "extreme views and activism around LGBTQ and abortion rights shaped today's conservative movement."

The Schlaftershow is available for you to watch on "internet," at 9 p.m. Eastern, and you should particularly check the "internets" that are personally controlled by the AAF. For example, their YouTube and their Facespace and their Instachat and their Tweeter.

While you are waiting, this would be a good time for you to refresh yourself on some of Wonkette's Greatest Phyllis Schlafly Hits. You have time to read them, because the show doesn't come on until later, and you are not currently in hell like Phyllis Schlafly is!

Awwwwww man, we miss her. But, like, not enough to try to summon the demon.

But we'll watch the Hulu show! And the Schlaftershow, which will make you Schlaff a lot! 9 p.m. tonight, if you are in "Eastern."

Good night and good luck, America, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. OPEN THREAD!

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