Wanted: Wonkette

As this week's guest blogger, seeing all the incoming mail at Wonkette HQ has been sort of enlightening. Apparently, the Wonkette is pretty hot, at least according to all the guys on the Internet who have never seen real live boobs. And judging by this Craigslist personal ad, some of the girls like her, too:

You be a pajama-clad, trash-mouthed, politically savvy, vicious gossip/vixen/writer-type who can manage to work anal sex into every conversation... Queer women only. No threesomes with you and your hubby.
If the real Wonkette was around to answer back this week, maybe this poster would be in luck, but usually they don't have very good WiFi connections at the bottom of a bourbon bottle.

Looking For A Queer Wonkette [Craigslist]


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