WaPo Contorting Into Strange, Condescending Analysis To Get Some Of Those Sweet 'kagan gay??' Google Hits


Nothing like a Friday morning screen shot of strange things from the washingtonpost.com front page, is there? Here's the situation: theWashington Post would like to get in on the "Is Elena Kagan a massive lesbo?" debate -- which is rapidly moving up the list of establishment Washington media's most childish and embarrassing narratives in history -- but it must approach the "big story" with the typical sense of being above-it-all, best achieved with the old trick of blaming ALL AMERICANS and their stupidity for the fact that something stupid is in the news, which they write.

"Are we a nation of busybodies?" Ha ha ha, FUCK YOU EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for forcing 10-15 professional Washington biddies to gossip about this stupid baseless nonsense all week in their heroic printed investigatively-reported journalistic truth beacons! And look at Ruth Marcus, to the left. Is Ruth Marcus a "nation of busybodies" all to herself? Yes of course! Great layout, WaPo.com editors. But Ruth Marcus is saying that Elena Kagan is not a lesbian, so it's more Mature, and she's only saying this to feed the insatiable busybodies anyway. "SHE'S NOT A LESBIAN. Here is the picture of why all of you stupid fucking Americans think she is a lesbian, tho. GROW UP, AMERICA! STOP MAKING ME WRITE THIS COLUMN YOU STUPID FLYOVER-STATE MONSTERS!"


But really, jesus. "Marcus: Kagan's not gay, okay? Though the discussion would be easier if she were." Huh? What? Huh? This is your weekly political column?


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