WaPo Losing Mike Allen to TIME?

We dream of the day when our career changes warrant the coveted Drudge "FLASH":

He Will Be Filling The Seat Once Occupied By Dickersons Narrow Ass
Allen's not talking; we say: Mike is the kind of reporter sources would go to jail for.

UPDATE: Our own sources at TIME confirm Mikey's headed for their glossy pages. We'll miss him on page one of the Post (most recently a biting piece on Gitmo as Congressional tourist destination) but we look forward to his pieces on celebrity diets and JESUS: IS HE GOOD FOR YOUR BABY?

UPDATE: Raw Story has their own sources confirm Mike's out by Labor Day. but follow it with some wishful thinking. They say Allen "will fill a post covering the White House once occupied by the now-well-known Matt Cooper, who revealed his source in a probe into the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame." Allen will actually be filling the seat recently vacated by John Dickerson's hindquarters, recently departed to Slate. Cooper, now thoroughly known, it's true, is still -- officially -- on the White House beat. Not sure how long that will be, however. Raw Story has since changed their post. Point stand about Cooper, though. [Raw Story]

Reporter Mike Allen of Wash Post has accepted an offer from TIME mag... [DRUDGE]

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