WaPo's Jennifer Rubin Simply Does Not Care For Barack Obama's 'Petulance'

WaPo's Jennifer Rubin Simply Does Not Care For Barack Obama's 'Petulance'

Hey remember yesterday? You should, unless you took a nice dose of smack to block out all the awesome that was perpetrating all over the place? Well, the one thing that made us feel less actually insane was the sight of MAD BAMZ bein' MAD. Like, wrath-of-God-styley FURIOUS. It made us feel less alone, his righteous tirade, and put nice, ranty words to what we too were feeling. (Also, pretty sure he didn't have a TELEPROMPTARZ, but maybe?) He even called people liars and threatened to campaign against the shithead senators who put the NRA ahead of 90 percent of the American public. And it felt gooooood.

But are you aware that where we saw righteous, manly anger, other people saw "hissy fits" and "petulance" and a spoiled little boy throwing a "tantrum"? People are so weird you guys. And who, really, is weirder than the Washington Post's rightwing scold Jennifer Rubin?

How are things inside that pretty skull, Jennifer Rubin?

Had a Republican president lashed out as petulantly as President Obama did yesterday after the defeat of the background check amendment, calling his opponents liars and stooges of special interests (“shameful” is a really harsh thing to say about the red-state Dems who jumped ship), the mainstream press would have been all over him. (Out of control! Lost his cool! Unpresidential!) But, because most of the press also was incensed at the defeat of anti-gun legislation, his performance was barely criticized. [...]

It is hard to escape the conclusion that, as with his nasty reaction to the necessity of extending the Bush tax cuts in 2010 and the results of the election that preceded, nothing so infuriates the president as losing, especially when the loss is a personal rebuke. Make no mistake: That is what this was.

[Blah blah blah something something]

Had the president pursued those ends with Newtown families, he might have had a bipartisan victory. Instead, he’s an angry pol whose second term is now on the verge of collapse.

So which is it, Rubes? Is he an angry black man (in which case he is coming for the white women), or is he "petulant," like a child, or a "boy"?

If you're done with that skull, Jennifer Rubin -- and it seems that you are -- we have a few commenters who might like to make some plans for it.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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