War on Christmas Led by Men Too Brilliant For Your Mediocre Minds

Tragic victim of the war against not looking like an idiot - WonketteTotally reasonable and well-respected "Christian Libertarian" philosopher Vox Day lays out the case for the existence of an "unholy alliance of Jews, atheists and African-American Marxists waging war on the Christmas holiday."

We link to this article not because he places us squarely in the center of the conspiracy, and not because of the hilariously blatant racism, but because Mr. Day left one co-conspirator out of his axis of secularism: fellow fringe-libertarian nutcases.


Christmas in America is an exuberant display of human ingenuity, capitalist productivity, and the enjoyment of life. Yet all of these are castigated as "materialistic"; the real meaning of the holiday, we are told, is assorted Nativity tales and altruist injunctions (e.g., love thy neighbor) that no one takes seriously.

This is actually the only sincere anti-Christmas jeremiad we've read this year, so we're more or less forced to endorse it whole-heartedly. Celebrate reason! Let's blow up the Christmas tree for failing to truly embody Man's spirit!

The War They Can't Win [WND]


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