The USA set another record for single-day new cases of COVID-19, with over 75,000 cases reported Thursday. That's the eleventh time in the past month a single-day record has been set. [New York Times]

The US, Britain, and Canada are accusing Russia of trying to hack coronavirus vaccine research, according to the three countries' intelligence services. Supporters of the virus rolled their eyes, typed "Russia, Russia, Russia" on Twitter, and vowed to reelect Donald Trump. [Washington Post]

Mary Trump talked to Rachel Maddow for the full hour of Maddow's show last night, and said "of course" she'd heard her uncle, Donald Trump, use the n-word and make anti-Semitic comments. She added, "And I don't think that should surprise anybody given how virulently racist he is today." [NBC News]

USA Today now says that op-ed by White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci, "did not meet fact-checking standards." It has added a disclaimer above the opinion piece saying it simply wanted to run an "opposing view" to an editorial praising Fauci as a "national treasure," but that several of Navarro's claims "were misleading or lacked context." [Business Insider]

Composer Philip Glass is posting weirdass Nintendo memes. Or one, at least.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is holding off releasing new guidelines on reopening schools. A spokesperson told CNN, "They're not ready to come out this week," and that the documents would "likely" be available by the end of the month. We're ready for Donald Trump to tell the guidelines to stop being cowards and get out in public immediately, without a mask. [CNN]

Fifteen women who worked for the Washington DC football team have accused former employees of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Among the alleged harassers were three former members of the "inner circle " of team owner Dan Snyder. [Washington Post]

A new State Department report on "human rights" confirms that Mike Pompeo is an asshole who thinks there's too much fuss over rights that aren't already in the Declaration of Independence. Religious freedom good, especially for Christians, but let's not get all worked up over "new" human rights, like for LGBTQ folks, OK? [Mother Jones]

Pompeo also took the opportunity yesterday to complain that history should make white people look good.

I've had this May 31 Foreign Policy article by climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe open in a tab for weeks now, and it looks really good. Hayhoe argues that people already give a damn about climate change, but might not articulate it that way. The trick is getting them to realize the problems they say they're worried about really are climate change. This note is my way of shaming myself into finally reading it. I know I'll like it, but look, there's a dumb tweet I want to reply to! [Foreign Policy]

Billy Joel went all Piano Man (more like Ragtime Man) on a discarded piano on a Long Island sidewalk. He didn't say whether he was in a New York state of mind. "Not bad. The action is good. [...] It just needs tuning. And the finish is beat. It's a perfectly good piano." [CNN]

Billy Joel: Impromptu Piano in Huntington, LI 6/26/20

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll out this morning finds 64 percent of Americans saying they don't trust what Donald Trump says about the coronavirus pandemic, which suggests that at least we're not complete idiots, hooray! An increasing majority of people also favor policies that control the spread of the virus, even if that hurts the economy. It's like they noticed what happens when there's a rush to get the economy going again too soon. [ABC News]

Donald Trump went off on another one of his weird rants about how showers just don't have enough water pressure these days, because environmentalists think there's not enough water, even though it rains. This time he avoided talking about how toilets can't handle his massive dumps, at least. That reminded Washington reporter Andrew Feinberg of this look back at LBJ's obsession with getting a weapons-grade shower installed in the White House. Source is Kate Andersen Brower's 2015 book The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House:

And it wouldn't be an "LBJ was a hilariously freaky boorish wierdo" post without the obligatory recording of Johnson ordering some [belllllch!] slacks with room for his Johnson.

LBJ Orders Pants

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