Was Loser Congressman Thad McCotter House Of Cardsed By Evil Staffer? Sure Why Not


So remember Thad McCotter? The nobody Congressman who ran for president of the Iowa Straw Poll and lost, and then failed to gather enough real petition signatures to run for reelection, and then quit Congress in a blaze of glory and banal Dylan lyrics as his former staffers were about to be indicted for petition fraud? Yeah, that Thad McCotter.

But maybe Thad wasn't such a bad guy. Maybe he was a patsy. A pigeon. A mark. Someone nefarious forces could put in a frame and take control of the all-powerful 10th Congressional District of Michigan. And maybe those nefarious forces intentionally forged those petition signatures so McCotter would get caught and They could House of Cards replace him with Their hand-picked Congressman to do their bidding in western Wayne County Michigan. It all makes perfect sense. Tattaglia is a pimp. He never could have outfought Yr Wonket's Thaddeus. But he didn't know until this day that it was Barzini all along.

Barzini, in this case, is former McCotter staffer/forged petition mastermind Don Yowchuang. Did he tank his boss's petition signatures for monies? It makes perfect sense because, according to Detroit teevee reporter Rod Meloni, Yowchuang had money troubles so it makes sense he would take a bribe to ruin his boss' reelection chances and, by extension, end his own $100K job. Maybe Yowchuang is actually Tattaglia. It's hard to keep these things straight.

Meloni, who Mike Wallaced a silent Yowchuang through a hallway like a champ, also discovered that Yowchuang's petition fraud co-conspirators are wondering why prosecutors aren't investigating if Yowchuang took bribes. His co-conspirators really don't know if he did take bribes and certainly they would never take bribes because that would be wrong. Their uncertainty seems odd since they were apparently in on the petition scheme. At the same time, these political professionals who claim they didn't know that signing fake names on nominating petitions is a bad thing to do. Nitwits, basically.

What did we learn from this compelling bit of broadcast journalism? People who commit election fraud think other people who commit election fraud committed election fraud for bad reasons. And while there's no evidence that Don Yowchuang is anything more than a half-witted political hack with questionable morals and bad credit, Rod Meloni is still digging. "Hey, Donny, you haven't heard the last from us!" Meloni shouts at Yowchuang as he crosses a street and ponders the crushing sadness of being Don Yowchuang.



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