Wash 'Times' Refuses to Give Up NY Ave's "Biggest Moral Degenerates" Award

Hey guys! The Washington Times is getting its very own strip club!

The owners of Club 55, which has operated for more than a decade at 55 K St. SE, have asked the District to transfer their liquor license to 3350 New York Ave. NE because their lease at the former location expired.

...which would put them right next door to our favorite "journalists."

Added fun: Club 55 was the home of Waaay Off Broadway, "DC's first gay cabaret." The Times is, of course, thrilled about their new neighbors.

"The District government and local business leaders have made great and positive advances to transform New York Avenue into an attractive gateway to our nation's capital," said Brian B. Bauman, spokesman for the newspaper. "The proposed establishment contradicts those admirable goals."

Of course, it's not so much the gay thing as the fear that the all-pervert newsroom the Times is famous for will be too distracted to work.

Strip Club Eyes Site on N.Y. Avenue [WT]


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