Washed Up Comedian Pretty Sure No One Would Listen To AOC If She Weren't Hot

Washed Up Comedian Pretty Sure No One Would Listen To AOC If She Weren't Hot

This is Adam Carolla, not Ghost of Christmas Future Jesse Watters

Last night, Adam Carolla, former co-host of Comedy Central's "The Man Show," MTV's "Loveline," and other shows that many people who can now legally buy liquor have likely never heard of, stopped by the set of "Hannity" to discuss Whoopi Goldberg and "cancel culture." During the course of this discussion, apropos of pretty much absolutely nothing, Carolla tossed out his theory that no one would listen to anything Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says if she were 60 years old and fat.

It was truly a shocking thing to hear from a man who once hosted a show featuring dancing "Juggy Girls" and a recurring segment called "Girls on Trampolines."

Transcript, via Media Matters:

ADAM CAROLLA (GUEST): Here's a quick thought experiment: if AOC was fat and in her 60s, would anyone listen to another thing she ever said?

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Oh, boy. You're going to step in that one. What do you — what exactly do you mean by that? You mean, is it because she's young and — what?

CAROLLA: Yes, she's young, she's vibrant, she's beautiful, and everyone's always putting a camera and a mic in her face. But her opinions are idiotic 95 percent of the time. And I don't think, if she was a middle-aged heavyset woman, anyone would care what she had to say.

HANNITY: I'm not so sure I agree. Now, I will say this: you can criticize her ideas — and I do, I think the Green New Deal is madness and insanity — but she's got the whole Democratic Party following her. In my opinion, she's way more powerful than Speaker Pelosi. And if she and the squad decide Speaker Pelosi's out, I think she could probably be speaker. If she challenges Chuck Schumer in New York, I think she has a good shot at beating him. Maybe I'm wrong.

CAROLLA: Look, I agree with you. I'm just saying, if she was fat and old I don't think TMZ would be chasing her around with a camera.

Imagine being so ridiculous that the (relative) voice of reason is Sean Hannity.

One thing that seems worth pointing out here is that the same people who like AOC also like a variety of people who are not exactly supermodels, and the thing they all seem to have in common is that they would like people to have health care and fair wages and would not like to set the planet on fire. That tends to be the common denominator there.

What is, however, plainly obvious, is that a whole lot of the fury towards Ocasio-Cortez — from both Republicans and certain Democrats — is obviously rooted in the fact that she is in fact gorgeous, and not in the blandly attractive way that other nice-looking politicians tend to be. She's also extremely smart and passionate about what she believes in, so there are a lot of confused boners and jealous people out there.

That being said, if Ocasio-Cortez were "fat" or "60 years old" and also getting a lot of attention for her views and ideas, it's hard to say that the Attention Police would be any easier on her. Roseanne Barr may be off the rails now, but I remember how much rage she inspired in people when I was growing up, due to the fact that she was loud and took up space and was not considered to be a great beauty — while I saw men be celebrated for the same things — and it just made me so, so mad. It's a feeling that has stuck with me my whole life. And let's not forget people absolutely losing their minds over Rosie O'Donnell for similar reasons. Or Maxine Waters. I can name a whole lot of women who are not young or beautiful that inspire a similar fury. The viewing public gets very mad whenever an overweight woman is considered by others to be beautiful or an actress known for romantic comedies doesn't mysteriously disappear after the age of 40.

One of the worst public crimes you can commit as a woman is believing you have more value than certain people think you have or more right to take up space than those people think you deserve.

I can honestly say that I don't think that Adam Carolla would pay as much attention to AOC if she weren't gorgeous, but Adam Carolla is also an asshole who doesn't really value women to begin with, and would very likely be unable to see any value in a 60-year-old woman or woman he considered "fat," or, indeed, any woman who would be uninterested in jumping on a trampoline in a bikini for him.

Perhaps he's angry that he's not getting as much attention as he feels he deserves, and that not enough people are paying attention to what he says, thus forcing him to spend the entire last decade blaming his own irrelevance on gay people and college students.

[Media Matters]

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