Washington Caucuses Teach Mike Huckabee The True Meaning Of Math And Counting

Huckabee huddled with top advisors after a narrow loss SundayOh irony: the most math-averse candidate in the presidential race now needs the numbers on his side...and the numbers are pissed.

Luke Esser, the state party chairman, called the Sunday Washington state caucuses for John McCain with 87% of the vote counted. One Huckabee advisor said "it was very damaging to our campaign to announce a defeat when the evidence didn't justify that."

(Numbers, evidence ... what kind of godless crap is this?)

The Huckabee campaign demanded a recount because McCain's margin of victory was so slim. Annnnd after the recount McCain was still the winner, with 3,621 precinct delegates to Huckabee's 3,398. That could still change, however, because the party is still waiting for complete counts from two counties. Pray for a miracle, Mike!

Huckabee camp says Washington state was called too soon [LA Times]

McCain still winner in updated WA GOP caucus results [AP via The Columbian]


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