Washington Media Enjoys George W. Bush Singing Performance

The Singing Cunt.

All George W. Bush wants to do these days is sing and dance. Hey, he's a pretty okay guy after all! So what if he killed 600,000 people and blew up a third of the world and ruined the Global Economy and probably caused AIDS? He loves to entertain, and the Washington Press Corps loves when anybody famous pays attention to them!

Everybody had so much fun at the "Gridiron Club" dinner on Saturday night, especially when George W. Bush and his "singing Marines" that he keeps handy all pranced around a stage wearing tuxedos and comical cowboy hats. And then Helen Thomas stuck a twenty in Bush's garter and a poisonsatellite fell out of the sky and killed them all, the end.

At the Gridiron, Pols and Press Share A Little Sizzle and a Lot of Cheese [Washington Post]

Bush Serenade Is a Gridiron Smash [Reliable Source]


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