Washington Post Calls Wonkette 'Conservative' ... Suck It, Libs

Patriotic! - WonketteThe great thing about actually hating all politicians is nobody can figure out if you're "conservative" or "liberal" or whatever. Witness this bit in the Post:

Not all of the reaction was positive. Conservatives scoffed at Webb's less-than-animated demeanor. One blog headline commented on Webb's constant seriousness with the headline: "Dem Response: Countdown to Webb's Aneurysm."
Tipster "Rebecca" was so offended that she left an impassioned comment in our defense. But our favorite comment is this one:
"One blog headline commented on Webbs constant seriousness with the headline: Dem Response: Countdown to Webbs Aneurysm." How typical. Lacking intelligent criticism, conservatives substitute childish ridicule. And this is a pretty damn serious time. Thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis have died in this ill-conceived and mismanaged war. That this conservative blogger thinks the time and issues warrant anything but seriousness frightens and disgusts me.
Well said, dummy!

For Webb, Bouquets and a Few Brickbats [Washington Post]


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