Washington Post Continues To Be Great Journalistic Newspaper

Washington Post Continues To Be Great Journalistic Newspaper

Ha haWashington Post. How will they make money during this damnable Internet Age? Masturbation videos about beer? Selling information and brokering access to rich lobbyists over wine at the publisher's home? Maybe somehow loving war even more? Such a quandary. Until they come up with a new long-term business plan, though, the temporary strategy will just be to pour buckets of Prozac into the printing presses.

Here we quote the Post's own Howard Kurtz, who is allowed to shit all over his employer, because he is an important arbiter of Journalism Ethics:

On one point, there is no dispute: Katharine Weymouth did not like the subject of a Washington Post Magazine story that was headed toward publication and the piece wound up being killed.

Weymouth, publisher of The Post, told the story's author, freelance journalist Matt Mendelsohn, at a brunch earlier this year that advertisers 'wanted happier stories, not "depressing" ones,' Mendelsohn wrote in an online posting. His story was about a 26-year-old woman whose arms and legs had been amputated."

Obviously some reporter didn't get Weymouth's memo, because will you just look at this very depressing story the Post published today: millionaires and billionaires WORLDWIDE are seeing their marginal tax rates raise several percentage points to offset budget deficits! HOW IS THE FUCKING WEALTH SUPPOSED TO TRICKLE DOWN NOW?

Post Magazine Killed 'Depressing' Story [Washington Post]


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