Washington Post: Stupid Poor People Always Be Painting Murals


So remember that decision by the Washington Post to start a humor blog? This thing now exists. We have seen this thing. And, umm:

Sometimes I think that the area I am living in is not dangerous enough, so I run outdoors and paint a mural. Little-known fact: the more murals a neighborhood has, the less safe it is. Walking past an actual mugging scares me less than coming down a dark alley late at night and seeing a mural entitled The Triumph of the Human Spirit. That tells you that you are probably not going to make it out of there intact.

Do you understand this funny joke? Poor minority people like to paint murals in their neighborhood depicting civil rights leaders and their shared sense of community and their hope for a better neighborhood. But, haha, those stupid poor people probably don't understand that they can never stop their side of the tracks from being A VERY SCARY MURDER PLACE in which young, white, Hasty Pudding types from the Post would never step foot. Jooooooookes!

(By the way, this Alexandra Petri person set up a fan page for herself on Facebook! You should totally join it! Unless you are a poor person or believe in silly things like community empowerment or hope.) [WP]


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