Washington Times Columnist Underestimates Wonkette's Immaturity

more like washington LIARPEOPLEWhatever detente Wonkette may have had with the dinguses at the Washington Times is over after this little display on Sunday. The Times clumsily opened its commentary doors to a Paultard who -- in strict accordance to the Paultard ethos -- complains about everything with which he doesn't agree. He lists Wonkette among those detractors who "have it exactly backward," and claims that we use a certain insensitive word to describe them -- but not Paultards. No, this word is far, far more mature and less offensive to the human condition. We're pissed.

Don't let the kids see such gross journalistic errors:

As a Ron Paul supporter, I have noticed that, individually and as a group, we have been described in a veritable cornucopia of imaginative ways, ranging from the more reserved tone of The Washington Times, "Unlikely allies unite for Paul's quixotic bid," to being called "Paulties" (play on culties) by Wonkette. (emphasis ours)

They probably can't publish the real word because of some family values crap they have going on. But then why publish anything at all? Editor John has made the case in a letter to the Times demanding a correction, but said correction hasn't happened (At least we don't think so, but we never really read that thing so who knows).

So for the record: The fucking word is Paultards, and it's a play on retards, which is itself a play on "The Washington Times."

FORUM: Political gospel of Paul [WT]


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