Washington Unwired

Give Em Enough WiresYou know why Washington never really was able to cash in on the tech boom? Because we are the stupidest people on the face of the earth. We know this because there was an A1 story in the Post yesterday revealing that all those wireless devices we have actually need wires: "The electronic devices that free people to go anywhere but never lose touch also keep them bound by cords and plugs to electric sockets." Well, holy shit. I bet that some people find that irksome. And hey, what do you know? "The cycle is irksome for some."

A Wireless World, Bound To Sockets [WP]

Gotta admire the way the irked respond, though. Coming out in public to admit their frustration that wireless devices are not, in fact, magical appliances that are powered by perpetual motion machines. One David Wochner ("a lawyer in Washington") actually "called the tech department at his firm because his BlackBerry appeared not to be taking a charge. 'I'm now down to two bars and I'm getting really nervous,' he said." He's nervous? His clients are probably shitting bricks; their lawyer can't figure out how to work his phone.


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