Washingtonienne and Sharks Who Jump Her

Someone has suggested a "Washingtonienne Jump-the-Shark Watch" feature -- keeping an eye out for that moment at which the coverage of the scandal, if not the girl, becomes desperate and lame. Wrote our correspondent: "It starts with PSAs about STDs. It ends with a guest shot on the Hollywood Squares." Step two, of course, is the Reliable Source milking an entire item out of a phone message.

It had to happen: A respectable New York literary agency is interested in seeing a book proposal from Jessica "Washingtonienne" Cutler. . . After the story hit the New York Post yesterday (headlined "Pols in Sex Web: D.C. gal dishes the dirt"), we got a call from Pilar Queen, an agent at Carlisle & Co., who was seeking Cutler's phone number.
Tomorrow: The telemarketer who would like Jessica Cutler to change long-distance companies!

The Reliable Source (second item) [WP]


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