Washingtonienne or Not?

Swamp City interviews the New Washingtonienne:

SC: Are you the same Washingtonienne who was writing the blog before it went down?

W: I'm not sure, but I will say that the blog got paid 800 bucks to go down.

SC: Were you/are you on the staff of a U.S. Senator?

W: I've been on the staffs of a few Senators in my day, although "staff" is a bit of an overstatement in some of their cases.

SC: Do you plan to continue your blog? Do you have any plans or hopes of telling your stories in any other medium (perhaps on television, or in print--books, magazines, newspapers)?

W: In all honesty, I'm getting about 10,000 visitors a day and it takes about 3 minutes out of my day, so I'll probably throw a post or two up a day until it dies down. Considering the fact that just about everyone hates the new and improved Washingtonienne and Wonkette has grown beyond bored with it, I'm certain that won't take very long. On the other hand, I've got an endless supply of euphemisms for "asshole", so I could do this forever. Hopefully I'll get something out of it before it's over. TV is tragically deficient of good buttfucking jokes, and, from what I hear, publishers are evidently giving away book deals like they're camera-phones these days, so anything's possible. I'm almost totally kidding.

Well, we hope no one's kidding about remedying the buttfucking joke deficit. We need all the help we can get.

Washingtonienne II: Overstaying Her Welcome Yet? [Swamp City]


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