Washingtonienne Update!

Washingtonienne Update!

Considering this isRetro Day, and Wikipedia says some word vomit called a "Washingtonienne" is what Wonkette is "known for," we should probably let you know what is going on in the life of this sex-haver! Google says she had what appears to be a teevee pilot in 2009, featuring such fun characters as "Politician," "Bike Messenger," and "Ben's Chili Bowl Patron" ("the show's black character"). Seems like maybe they accidentally gave Jessica Cutler money back when she was sort of a thing and were forced to make this show?

There is "one left in stock" of her book on Amazon. It's also available "used" (like the author!) in either hardback or paperback for $0.01. It is available in "unknown binding" for $3.65. There are a few "recent reviews" (from 2008). On the cover is some human flesh, a bit of metal, and some fabric.

On this new Facebook invention, a whole 44 people "like" her.

She quickly got married in 2008 to some dope lawyer, it would appear, and managed to get a tiny bit of attention out of it. She was "not pregnant," she declared, as if she had tried (in vain) to spread a rumor that she was but absolutely nobody cared.

That's the most recent stuff a cursory search turns up, so this person may very well be dead, or living with Ana Marie Cox in a condo in whatever the 2004 version of Anacostia is (Georgetown?), assfucking.

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