Washingtonienne's Former Day Job

Swamp City has fewer morals that we do (didn't think that was possible, did you?) and went ahead and outed the asshole who fired Washingtonienne: Ohio senator Mike Dewine. And yes, he's a Republican. Well, the real terminator was not Dewine personally, it was his chief of staff, Laura Pressler some staffer. [On the change: We heard CoS, but now learn that Pressler was in Ohio yesterday. Maybe the whole thing's a big prank. We sort of hope so.] We hear that it was pretty ugly. If there were ever a time to complain to your elected officials, it's now. Save Washingtonienne!

Those of you who cached the original blog can figure out pretty much the whole thing now, if you're good at "Wheel of Fortune"-type shit.

Before we tell you any more ourselves, we're going to try to find someone who knows about more about these "morals" we hear so much about.

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