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fuck_me_heelsHere's the difference between Capitol Hill sexblogger/kept Staff Ass Washingtonienne and other young professional women in D.C.: They're amateurs. According to a story in Saturday's WP style section, keeping a detailed log of one's sexual conquests is the new, "hip" thing for the college-age ladies to do:

Some young women keep it in their head, others in a drawer of their bedside table. One even preserves it on a spreadsheet in her laptop. We're talking about "the number," that sum of sex partners that college women either have had or hope to goodness they can avoid reaching. . . "They keep track of different experiences. This week it might be a lip ring 'to see what that's like.' Their marks might include what was fun, what was bad."
But not, we're guessing, what was charged.

Oh, we kid. They don't get paid for sex, they just have so much they figure they might lose track of who's who! As one diarist puts it: "If you don't put it down, you could be in denial, forgetting everyone you're with." It's true! This why we insist on name tags. (Though figuring out where to stick them is a little hard.)

Score Card [WP]


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