WashingtonPost.com Is Curious

Not content with knowing readers' ages and Zip codes, the Washington Post's website will now ask "for a job title, a description of their primary responsibility, the size of their company and the industry in which they work. . . Users who provide Zip codes in the Washington area will also have to give their home address."

Questions WashingtonPost.com may ask you at some point in the future:

· Favorite color?

· Blood type?

· If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

· Do you think you could edit Tina Brown's column for us?

· If you see Tony Kornheiser, could you please ask him to keep his voice down?

· Are you an important media professional? If so, Howie Kurtz would like to transcribe your thoughts and present them as "analysis." (Please take a number.)

· Hank Stuever needs a column idea. Free associate on a topic of your choosing. (Already taken: plastic chairs, not relating to what kids listen to these days, merino sweaters.)

· Are you a CIA operative? (We promise not to tell Bob Novak.)

· Seriously, will you please take a crack at the Tina column? We lost three of our best men on the Trump piece alone.

Post's Web Site Will Seek More Information on Visitors [WP via Romenesko]


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