WashTimes To Staff: Uhh... Good News And Bad News?

The Moonie Times' critically mocked real-life adaptation of King Lear appears to have reached its fifth act, where Rev. Moon expands his kingdom into the burgeoning Mass Funeral sector and then fucks off to Paraguay to die. The Washington Times is laying off FORTY percent of its workforce. But... but not for 60 days so silver lining? Hooray! Plenty of time to choose any of the millions of media jobs on the market right now! Ugh. BRUTAL. Worse yet, the Times issued a press release shortly after giving its staff the bad news, wryly titled, "Washington Times Announces Additional Changes to Become a 21st Century Multimedia Company." Points for honesty, that. "21st Century Multimedia Company" is code for one that's fired all of its employees. [Mike Calderone]

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