Wasilla Authorities Censor Giant Vagina


Local authorities in the exurban slush slum of Wasilla, Alaska, have taken direct action to stop a large, weird vagina from getting any additional media attention. The Mat-Su Frontiersman (?) reports:

For Wasilla High School Principal Amy Spargo, she said she doesn’t view her decision to cover the sculpture as censorship. After receiving complaints from students and parents, she decided to revisit the issue of whether the art is best suited for display at a high school. Also, she said she is worried that vandals might damage the artwork.

“The hubbub started since the piece got delivered,” she said. “There was quite an outcry from parents who were hearing what kids were saying (about the sculpture). My concern was the piece would be damaged. Clearly, we needed to do some education."

Wasilla schools will now begin a rigorous education program to teach its residents what a vagina is, the end. [Mat-Su Frontiersman via everybody]


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