Watch Newt Gingrich Sleep With His Comical Sleeping Faces


Ever wondered what fairest Cally Gingrich wakes up to every morning? Most mornings? (The occasional morning?) No, you haven't. But in any event, it's this face, right here.This is Newt Gingrich, asleep, muttering nonsense about Leon Panetta, while waiting to speak to AIPAC via satellite. But really, him being asleep before the speech -- who doesn't like to sleep? -- was the least embarrassing part of his address, because he didn't really, have a... speech.... to give. Good heavens. Hang in there Newtie, good times are coming!

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You can watch "The Speaker" sleep for a couple of minutes in the above clip, and really, you should. Then what happened?

He woke up before he was introduced for his speech. He told the audience:

“I understand you have a panel. I look forward to any questions.”

And then what happened?

Then 12 seemingly eternal seconds of silence followed, oddly reminiscent of a response to a question about Libya given by his eccentric supporter Herman Cain. Gingrich stared blankly into the camera, and the audience stared back.

Finally the AIPAC introducer had to cut the awkward void.

“Mr. Speaker, there is not a panel,” he said. “Please do continue, sir.”

And then what happened?

Gingrich, always the improviser, moved right along.

“Let me just say – I say this pretty briefly, I think,” Gingrich riffed. “We need a fundamental reassessment of our entire understanding of the threat of radical Islam.”

Ahh, so that's what happened.

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