Watch Old Trans Am Biden Say Car Guy Stuff, About Electric Cars!


This is a WonkTV, which means we don't have to put what's about to happen in our own words. Tell us what we're about to watch, Politico!

The Biden administration announced Thursday morning it would issue a new executive order targeting 50 percent of all passenger vehicle sales to be zero-emission — mostly electric vehicles — by 2030. That goal was accompanied by new proposals to tighten the federal tailpipe pollution standards for cars and light trucks through 2026 — though the proposal is not expected to make up for the tailpipe emissions reductions from the Obama-era rules that the Trump administration gutted.

OK! We're doin' Truck Day again! Of course, in the Biden administration, Truck Day is a real thing, and it involves achieving climate goals, as opposed to just bringing truck to the White House lawn to distract and amuse President Laser Pointer.

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