Watch Livestream of Ocupados As They Play Dress-Up Today (VIDEO)


[livestream expand=1]It's Fancy Dress Day at Occupy Wall Street! As part of the "day of action," some OWS protesters in New York City have raided Mom and Dad's closet (from back when Mom and Dad used to have jobs to go to and didn't just spend weekdays at the public library or down at OTB) for suit jackets and sensible sock suspenders to camouflage themselves from dim cops who assume business suits mean "do not arrest."

From the NYDailyNews:

The "day of action" is to begin early, with protesters converging on Wall Street camouflaged in business suits hoping to blend in with office workers trooping out of the subway.

"We will rise from beneath. They can't stop all of us. It's going to get crazy," vowed one organizer. "They took the first shot Tuesday night. [Thursday] we return fire. We will be peaceful, but we will resist."

The city said it was bracing for tens of thousands of people in the streets.

"The protesters are calling for a massive event aimed at disrupting major parts of the city," said Howard Wolfson, deputy mayor for governmental affairs. "We will be prepared for that."

Should be fun, stay safe everyone! [NYDailyNews]


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