Watch President Obama Insult America By Talking To Regular People Instead Of Chuck Todd

Watch President Obama Insult America By Talking To Regular People Instead Of Chuck Todd

President Obama took a break from his golf game and destroying America to be interviewed by some YouTube famous people who are famous for being famous on the YouTubes. Aw, that's a nice thing of the president to do, isn't it? Instead of just talking to Very Serious Journalists all the time, with their Very Serious Journalist questions, like "Why do you only say 'terrorism' instead of 'Super Extra Bad Islamofascist Muslamic Terrorism?'"

Fox News does not think that is nice because a) Obama and 2) OBAMA!!! and 3) Ugh, Obama, amirite? How dare he talk to people who are not Fox News, whines Very Serious Commentator Howie Kurtz:

He's got a good sense of humor, that's a political asset, but it just seemed beneath the dignity of the office to be hanging out with some of these YouTubers.

Waaah, boo hoo, Obama should stick to being interrupted by Bill O'Reilly, because that is dignified. And also shows he has a sense of humor.

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But no, Obama talked to Bethany Mota, GloZell Green, and Hank Green instead to answer their regular folks questions about stuff.

First up, he sat down with Hank Green, who said all those Big Ideas the president talked about in his State of the Union address -- like free socialist community college and admitting climate change is not a hoax and infrastructure (borrrrrring) -- sound great and everything, but has he noticed Congress is controlled by Republicans who hate college and equality and science, so, like, how does he plan to make any of his Big Ideas actually happen?

"There are some areas where I think, right away, we can get some cooperation," the president said because, being adorable, he still hopes Republicans can change. (Spoiler: They cannot. They will not. But don't stop BELIEVVVVVVING, Mr. President.)

Then the president sat down with YouTube star GloZell Green -- no, we don't know how she got her name -- to talk about cybersecurity and other "beneath the dignity of the office" issues, like, how to keep North Korea from hacking us and forcing us to have national conversations about crappy movies.

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Also, Ms. Green said Castro puts the "dick" in "dictatorship," and the president actually chuckled at her joke, which really insults the Oval Office, because dick jokes are not funny and Cuba is no laughing matter!!!

Obama also made some BIG BREAKING EXCLUSIVE!!! news by talking about the Supreme Court's decision to take up the issue of marriage equality. He said -- brace yourselves, this is BIG -- he hopes the Court agrees with him that people who love each other should be allowed to do that because it's not hurting anyone, jeez.

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Finally, the president wasted some time talking to Bethany Mota, who is also intertubes famous, even though she does not have green lipstick, so we don't even know how she got to be so famous.

Bethany talks to the president about "how to pay for college," which is so dumb because people shouldn't even go to college anyway. College is for snobs, and worrying about how to pay for it is just the American way. If we can't worry about how to pay for college, we will lose all our freedoms. Or at least Fox News Steve Doocy will.

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Bethany is 19 and wants to know how she and her friends are supposed to pay for college, and Obama is like, "Aw, heck, I have no idea."

Just kidding, he totally has a plan! [contextly_sidebar id="F6KKITjo0FBWsZNGILzIBlsq0MiaUGtb"]

Then the president spits on the grave of real dignified president St. Ronald Zombie Reagan I by taking an undignified selfie with the whole famous gang, IMPEACH!

Or just enjoy the video, you're welcome.



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