Watch President Obama Share His Favorite Cat Gif Or Something


We have no idea what he's going to say. Probably "Screw you guys, I'm out of here and hitting the links. Enjoy President Biden."

4:14 PM: Okay, seriously, what is up with this suit, huh?

4:17 PM: Obama's talking about Iraq. And Syria. Basically, it's all effed up. Maybe Bill Kristol's right and we should just bomb all the things.

4:21 PM: Obama is asked if he needs permission from Congress to go into Syria. He doesn't really want to answer that question, probably because the first thing that comes to mind is, "Those assholes?" What he actually says is, "I will consult with Congress and make sure their voices are heard."

4:23 PM: It would probably be easier if the White House press corps simply asked Obama to name the countries we are NOT going to maybe have to do war to.

4:26 PM: Asked why Obama isn't running all his plans to win in Iraq -- AGAIN -- by Congress, Obama says, "It is not just part of my responsibility, but it is a sacred duty for me as commander in chief to protect the American people" and that he could not afford to wait.

4:29 PM: LOL.

4:32 PM: Come on, Bamz, just declare Mission Accomplished! It really is that easy. The banner's got to be laying around in the White House basement somewhere.

4:33 PM: "A group like ISIS is beyond the pale." Folks.

4:35 PM: You may ask yourself, "What should we do in Syria?"

4:39 PM: It's quite possible Obama declared World War III, but no one can tell because all anyone can think is, "DEAR GOD, THAT SUIT!"

4:41 PM: And that's a wrap. Now Obama's off to change back into his mom jeans.


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