Watch Rahm Emanuel Storm Away From Harmless Interview Question


The polite term that CNN uses for Rahm Emanuel's latest outburst is "feisty," which is the sort of word your grandmother uses to describe the family's screamer alcoholic uncle who goes off about how his disability check isn't even enough to cover the cost of a new toilet seat when you ask him about the Cubs game. That is sort of crazy! Just like Rahm, who walked out of an interview when the terrible CNN lady asked him if he will send his kids to a public or a private school. HOW DARE SHE.

Rahm's face puffs up a little bit and he makes one of those "you do remember you are just one of the peasants from the press, right?" faces he is so good at. But, really? Perhaps he ought to save the walk-out level outrage for a potentially more galvanizing topic than where his kids are going to school, just a suggestion. For next time: "Yeah, they're going to private school, the same fancy one Obama's kids went to AND SO WHAT" and everyone will nod approvingly, because the press does not mind an elitist. They only mind someone who ruins the interview.[CNN]


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