Watch Rudy Giuliani Pull This HILARIOUS DISINFORMATION Out Of His Hat!

It is always and forever 2016! We are trapped for all eternity in a universe of hooker tapes and laptops sprouting up like magic mushrooms and Russian disinformation and Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani and buttery, buttery emails and Maggie Haberman hyping errant nonsense like it's real news.

Is Ken Vogel back for a repeat performance, too? He blocked us for constantly pointing out that his breathless reporting of Rudy Giuliani's bullshit about Ukraine as if it might actually be true is what started this whole fucking nightmare in the first place. Let's just assume the answer is "yes."

So, third verse, same as the first?

Well ... maybe not, since a mere six hours later Twitter and Facebook are already throttling the nonsense, while Haberman and Politico's Jake Sherman faced such a firehose of recrimination for giving oxygen to an obvious bullshit smear that they're backpedaling faster than a SoulCycle class on rewind.

Get back in your hole!

The story, as reported by Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, goes like this.

In April of 2019 someone brought a "water-damaged MacBook Pro" to a computer repair shop somewhere in Delaware. The laptop had a sticker on it from the Beau Biden foundation, and, knowing that Beau Biden was Joe Biden's dead son, the shop owner made a copy of the hard drive before calling the FBI. As one does.

On said hard drive he discovered emails to Hunter Biden from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for an introduction to Joe Biden, and also videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex. You know, just stuff you leave on your laptop which you then abandon at some rando computer store without any kind of password protection.

A grand jury in Delaware seized the laptop back in December, but the computer store owner turned his copy of the hard drive over to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer Robert Costello — the same guy who tried to be the back channel to Michael Cohen after he flipped on Trump. Whom the computer dude just happens to know because ... reasons.

Anyway, the Ukrainium One Squad sat on all this credible evidence since then, refusing to even produce it during Trump's impeachment trial to prop up the allegation that Trump was totally onto something when he demanded that the Ukrainian government do us a favor though and announce an investigation of Joe Biden and his son if they wanted their defense grant.

Then, last month, Steve Bannon, who somehow also knew about this completely genuine hard drive, told the New York Post about it. And then the lightbulb finally went on for Rudy Giuliani, who has been palling around for two years with literal Russian spies laundering faked documents and bogus allegations against Biden.

"Aha!" he thought. "Now's the time to finally deploy this smoking gun proving Joe met with shady Ukrainians." Or words to that effect. Honestly, we have a bit of trouble deciphering that idiot's blatherings.

So then Rudy gave the hard drive to the Post, and now they've pubbed this story by Sean Hannity's 25-year-old former booker who works at the Post now, authenticated with an unpixelated picture of Hunter Biden with all of his kids. Because they are SCUM.

Now if this looks to you like a Russian disinformation op to interfere in the US election, brought to you by the very same people whom the Intel Community just accused of participating in a Russian disinformation op to interfere in the US election, then you are not alone. Twitter and Facebook have both placed warnings on this story that it is harmful information, with Twitter going so far as to block users from sharing or retweeting the story at all.

Here's Facebook's comms director explaining the platform's decision to limit the story's spread.

And here's a link to the New York Post's bigly mad editors calling Facebook a "propaganda machine" and accusing it of censoring the story "to help the Biden campaign."

Cry harder.

Oh, the Josh Hawley "I'll Be Speaking To Your Manager" train — it's never late!

So, what the hell is going on here?

Well, let's take a wildass guess that if the FBI really has had this laptop for almost a year and those emails haven't been weaponized against Joe Biden, it's because they're fake. You can color us highly skeptical that the Bill Barr Justice Department which launched eleventy-seven investigations of Hillary Clinton's emails and Russia and Obamagate decided to sit on this info about Hunter Biden. Trump has co-opted every lever of government to help him get re-elected, but he somehow overlooked this little tidbit?


And, BTW, if that is the case, and if the Justice Department is signaling hard to social media companies that this is a Russian interference op, it might well account for Twitter and Facebook leaping into action to limit the damage here.

It's just a guess.

Make some guesses of your own, in this, your OPEN THREAD.


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