Watch Seth Meyers And Amy Poehler Drool All Over Old Handsome Joe Biden, Just Like Any Of Us Would (Video)


Wanna go drive around in my Trans Am, babe?

Bill O'Reilly got Barack, Jimmy Fallon got Michelle, so it's only fair that Seth Meyers would get the Vice President. If any other special Teevee events come along, they'll have to choose between Dr. Jill Biden or the President Pro Tempore of the Senate; it's in the Constitution. (Do Al Haig jokes even work anymore?)

Meyers' first guest was Amy Poehler, the better to set up that silly clip from Parks & Rec. NBC is pulling out all the synergistic programming stops in this one. Also they talked trains, and Joe Biden really likes trains. And Meyers gets the scoop of the century, discovering who OHJB was pointing at during the State of the Union.


Doktor Zoom

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