Hillary Clinton made a funny about that little video Joe Biden and Barack Obama released Thursday:

Factcheck CORRECT. Neither Joe Biden nor Barack Obama needs to take a basic cognitive function test, because nobody besides rabid Trump supporters would ever believe either one of them would have trouble identifying "camel."

The crown prince of camel identification himself also made a funny about the Obama/Biden event:

Oh, sorry, did we say "made a funny"? We meant whined like the fuckbaby he is, and spoke English poorly about it.

Oh well, guess SOMEBODY's gonna be spending the weekend angrily doing his affirmations in the mirror: "PERSON! WOMAN! MAN! CAMERA! TV!"

As we said, Obama and Biden hung out this week. They sat across from each other like common social-distancers, just because they don't even want to get coronavirus, what weirdos.

They talked about how they love each other, and how everybody hates Donald Trump:

Mr. Trump has been "deliberately dividing people from the moment he came down that escalator," Mr. Biden said. "And I think people are now going, 'I don't want my kid growing up that way.'"

Mr. Obama responded by saying, in part, "The thing I've got confidence in, Joe, is your heart and your character, and the fact that you are going to be able to reassemble the kind of government that cares about people and brings people together."


Here's the whole video!

JUST IN: Barack Obama and Joe Biden slam Trump in sit-down www.youtube.com

As the video starts, Bamz and Joe talk about how to reopen the economy and actually recover, or as Biden likes to call it, Build Back Better. It's funny because last time we had a massive financial crisis, a Republican president created it and Barack Obama and Joe Biden had to come in and fix it. LOL. And here they are again!

Biden says Trump is devoid of empathy, and Obama says he's confident that Biden will deal with coronavirus better than Trump, because he's going to actually "listen to the experts." Also he won't quit trying, like dumb Donald Trump.

They talk about the pandemic response office Obama created, the one Trump killed, a decision that's helped kill 140,000 Americans so far.

There was this, which was also about how Trump is a loser piece of shit:

"Can you imagine standing up when you were president and saying, 'It's not my responsibility, I take no responsibility'?" Biden said, offering a line of attack similar to his recent campaign speeches when he asserted that Trump "quit" on the country and has "waved the white flag" in the pandemic.

"Those words didn't come out of our mouths while we were in office," Obama replied.

Of course not. They're adults with functioning brains who didn't pay anybody to take their SAT.

Obama and Biden talk about healthcare, and the tragedy Biden went through watching his son Beau die. They talk about how Obamacare has helped, but also how it is like a "starter house," in Obama's words. "It's the first house you get." Then they announced that Joe Biden has a new plan for healthcare, and it is FOUR BEDROOMS AND THREE AND A HALF BATHS WITH AN OPEN KITCHEN AND METRIC BUTTLOADS OF SHIPLAP.

Or whatever the "more healthcare" version of that is. Also they didn't make any sort of new announcement, we just wanted to make a shiplap joke.

They talk about what a garbage person you'd have to be to want to take away healthcare right now. (Trump.)

They talk about racism in policing and the "extraordinary mobilization" that's happening right now.

They talk about ponies. OR DO THEY? We don't know, maybe they talked about ponies.

It is Friday morning, find out what they talked about your damn self if you're so curious. You got time.

[New York Times / Boston.com]

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