I love it when we're cruisy togetherThe Tragic Downfall of Senator Larry Craig started in October 2006, when we irresponsibly repeated Mike Roger's claims that the Idaho family man was actually a bathroom-trawling gaylord. BREAKING: Idaho Has at Least One Gay and BREAKING: MORE LIKE "FAIRY" CRAIG were the first serious examinations of the Republican conservative's not-so-secret life, nearly a year ago, when the GOP still held the House and Senate. Then came our long Endless Cummer, which is still coming, and here's a little Greatest Hits Look Back at the Very Quick Collapse of Larry Craig's career on the Hill after only a quarter-century of everybody in Washington knowing he's queer.

In order of appearance:

* Idaho Senator Larry Craig Arrested in Men's Room

* Idaho Values Alliance Will Have 'Hard Time Swallowing' Larry Craig News

* Is There a Republican Senator Who Is NOT Having Bathroom Sex?

* Larry Craig Missed the Writing on the Airport Restroom Wall

* Meet the Barbershop Bathroom Quartet

* David Vitter's Wife To Defend Larry Craig's Bathroom Sexytime

* Selections From the Idaho 'Statesman' Larry Craig Piece That Amused Us For Various Reasons

* Wide-Stance Liveblogging of Larry Craig's Statement

* Gay Larry Craig's Been Denying It Forever

* Tucker Carlson: Defending Our Men's Rooms From the Gays

* Larry Craig's Mixed-Up Muddled-Up Shook-Up Sex Scandal

* Tucker Carlson: Another Tragic Victim of Sexual Assault

* Everybody Is Freaking Out About Guys Getting Off In Restrooms

* Let's All Laugh At Larry Craig's Interrogation Tape

* Who Will Protect Us From Public Handjobs?

* 'Sudoku' Senator to Step Down?

* Libtard Main Stream Media More Concerned With Right-Wing Senator's Sex Crime Than Washed-Up English Gay Singer's Sex Crime of Nine Years Ago

* Larry Craig Is Supposed To Resign This Morning ...


* Mike Rogers, Weary of Saying I Told You So, Moves On to the Profit Stage

* Guest Blogger Determined to Go Out with One Last Dig at Larry Craig

Well, that was fun. Now we'll get back to hounding Diaperman David Vitter out of office.


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