We Are All Homeless, Nuts, And Poisoned By Lead

  • Lawmakers create stricter guidelines for children's toys and stiffer penalties for manufacturers who violate them. Still no word on outlawing toys who chant inducements to murder. [Washington Post]
  • The number of homes entering foreclosure in Q4 2007 rose to record highs, while Americans' percentage of equity in their homes dropped to a post-World War II low. Our economy's fundamentals are strong! [Wall Street Journal]
  • It isn't the first or second Iraq deployment that makes soldiers crazy and depressed. It's the third and fourth. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Obama takes a page from Clinton's "win by losing" playbook and tries to minimize expectations in Pennsylvania. [Washington Post]
  • Democrats mull over variety of unpalatable options for dealing with Michigan and Florida delegates. [New York Times]
  • The Republican National Committee has far more cash on hand than the Democratic National Committee. DNC Chair Howard Dean argues this is because he is investing in party infrastructure rather than creating large piles of coins to caress, Scrooge McDuck-like, which he could do if he wanted. [New York Times]
  • Now Hillary Clinton has another asset/liability besides her husband to worry about: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. [Politico]

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